Jayden Felder (c)

Friends of Kokket Present Jayden Felder

Our goal is to build a unique company with the power to change and challenge perception.  

The Friends of Kokket campaign is all about our special relationship with the organisations and the people whose commitment and generosity helps our company to grow and to become active in the visual communication and marketing management industry.

As a marketing organisation, Kokket has been around since 2005; after almost a decade of researching and developing our USP, we are now repositioning ourselves online and offline in the UK and the EMEA region to engage and build new and interactive platform.

None of this will be possible without the help of our wonderful stakeholders. As our way of saying, “thank you”, in partnership with Bapaga Photography 12th anniversaries as a visual communication specialist, we will be running a joint campaign exhibiting our incredible journey.

Jayden Felder

Jayden Felder (c) www.jaydenfelder.com
Jayden Felder (c)

Jayden is the first international musician to Work Kokket Marketing Management Ltd and helped us lay the platform for the future services creation for the entertainment industry.

Jayden has worked with world-renowned producers such as Timbaland on a super tracks, including Maniac. 

He became a global sensation with his heart throbbing song, I Fell in Love. In 2011 he won the ‘New Wave’ (The Russian version of American Idol) despite working as an attorney of law in New York.

His music has charted all over Europe and now inspires a new trend of musicians.

A.P. Bapaga, Founder and Director of Kokket –

“Jayden actually convinced me to produce his first music video while studying law in London.  He is courteous and honest, and he always knows what and a true gentleman.


Kokket Marketing Management Ltd says thank you for your support.


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Building Kokket Marketing Management Ltd Services

Kokket004stampKokket Marketing Management Ltd provides services in;

  1. Entertainment productions,
  2. NPD strategy consultancy for musics, films and commodity products and services,
  3. As well as advice on marketing implementation processes on foreign investment.

We also give networking events for media start-ups, self-employment and SME.

Our workshops and seminars are to train on communication planning and strategy and on how to improve customer service, sales negotiations and how to develop online platforms.

Our creative entertainment products and  services are;

  1. Video production,
  2. Photography
  3. And broadcasting.

We also oversee the data-mining and warehousing management and relationships.

Hence why we are the global leader in proactive and reactive innovations.

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Building Kokket Marketing Management Ltd Sales

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Products and services are available online and offline.

  • Our music products are available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sound cloud and Kokket.com
  • Films and videos are available on YouTube, Google + and Kokket.com

All products and services are quality assured.

Our brand is synonym to honesty and efficiency.

After all we are developing a world-class business that delivers premium entertainment packages and merchandises to a global audience.


Building Kokket Marketing Management Ltd Marketing

The aim of the Marketing department is to develop marketing strategies and marketing programmes.  Strategies are in regards to business development key success factors such as the market and the competition.  On the other hand, the marketing programmes are in relation to establishing, developing and managing relationships as well as initiating product and services decisions.

This works in six phases which are;

(i)                  Research and development

(ii)                Supply chain management

(iii)               Customers and acquisition

(iv)              Creative strategy for NPD

(v)                Corporate social responsibility

(vi)              Manufacturing

Our emphasis is to deliver on the strategic goals set by the DMU to broaden the audience through reliable segmentation, targeting the right environments, as well as positioning products with the aim of setting trends and igniting the imagination.

The measurements of KPIs are based  on the consistency of brand perception , originality, organisational leadership, and development of communication channels, supports to the value chain, culture and cross-functionality and innovation leadership of the NPD strategy.

Our unique selling point is our proactive and reactive innovation to communicate with and educate our audience.

In return we get positive feedback from our audience who are very critical of our products and services.


Building Kokket Marketing Management Ltd Outbound

bishal002a.jpgIt is important that we give information on the right channels and we are working really hard to keep up with our promise to deliver premium products and services.

Outbound  is mainly focused on the distribution as a primary activity.  Our operations is extremely effective and rigorous overcoming all conceptual prerequisites of our marketing strategy.

The offline resources such as events, exhibitions and premiers are also increasing sales of merchandises and provides a tangible angle to Kokket Marketing Management Ltd.

We are working on new concepts to get the merchandises distribution channels that also support our partners such as Digitopia Productions and Senior Teenager.


Singer in the Street

Click Music Chart Africa Edition

This is the flagship service provided by Kokket Marketing Management Ltd; in short this is the advertising vehicle of the company and provides entertainers with a highly sophisticated distribution platform online.

Here is another phenomenal innovation from Kokket Marketing Management Ltd.

The Click Music Chart, also known as CMC is an online platform specialised at increasing traffic and audience.  It’s  not just a website that provides the traditional services for the music industry, it aim isn’t solely for the entertain purposes, but also to educate and increase acculturation to different patterns and style of cultures.

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Fashion Statement

Our objectives are to challenge and change online consumer perception and drive innovation that will revolutionise the processes of digital marketing, as well as generate worldwide awareness of developments in the entertainment and music industry.


Kokket Photographic Archive on Flickr

Our objectives are to challenge and change online consumer perception and drive innovation that will revolutionise the processes of digital marketing, as well as generate worldwide awareness of developments in the entertainment and music industry.



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Daily Life – Beijing, China

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I like seeing people going about their daily lives. Scenes that some might walk by and not think anything about, I like to stop and capture. These big cities are filled with endless opportunities for capturing people just being people.
Have a great weekend everyone!

men,playing,game,street,board, Beijing,China,MIke Pratt Photography

Great shot! :)

Check out Mike Pratt Photography !

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Simple urgent steps to alleviate world hunger

Originally posted on Stephen Hinton Consulting:

Stephen Hinton interviews her Royal Highness Princess Basma bint Ali of Jordan, Founder of the Botanical Garden in Jordan and Tina Lindgreen, Founder of the Water and Food Award about what can be done.
This interview was recorded a few weeks before the Award show in London as HRH and Tina met to prepare the event and HRH’s patronage.

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The Psychology of Self-Motivation

How  do you become success seekers and not becoming failure avoiders?

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sxpKhIbr0E

The World Evolving at Your Doorstep

Photography is an art form that reflects the child-likeness in us by arousing our memory; it brings the world to every doorstep around the planet and let the imagination to erupt by freeing the intuitive perception.

Always making movement and interconnecting minds through its perceptual channels; always challenging our imagination and contemporary civil attitudes.

We are the image makers that keep the wheels of thoughts rolling; we pound the drums and alert the world, we are the documentarian, the Pisces and the Capricorn, the river that flows toward the sea.

We are simply,bapaga-logo-blk.png

Based in Canterbury in the United Kingdom; Bapaga is photography and video production firm specialised in planning projects for still and moving images for a diverse range of industries.  We are a young and ambitious organisation generating growth in a competitive and evolutionary media market.  For a small company we have a strong international reputation and tailored strategic business units that can expertly handle specific visual aesthetic requests for our clients.

Our Mission

Our firm provides businesses and people with the photographic and video ability to build a strong local and/or international identity.

Our Vision

Our inspiration is to bring the world to your doorstep; supply you with images that ignites, advocates for and educate all.

Our Motivation


We execute of our creative products  with the utmost respect of the public perception on Bapaga and fellow professionals within our fields.


Our aim is to grow with our audience and deliver world leading imagery products for your entertainment and education by being  exact, consistent and efficient with our attitude to delivery.


Generating profit is vital to our survival as a young business aiming to bring diversity in a matured market with high competition and in some circumstances depressed economic conditions.